this is why we have a bar exam

Protester at town hally rally: I got a book here called the U.S.S. Constitution. I’m sure everybody’s seen this before. And you know what? I’ve this book three times now, and I’ve referenced it dozens of times and I can’t find one little paragraph in here that says the government has the right to take over our health care. (thinkprogress)


"The concern is that hiring people for the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department who actually care about civil rights laws will lead to those laws being enforced, which for Republicans is “political.”"

tapped on the GOP reaction to holder’s plan to refocus the civil rights division of the justice department on, you know, civil rights.

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has hired fewer law clerks than usual, generating speculation that the leader of the court’s liberals will retire next year. Souter’s failure to hire clerks was the first signal that he was contemplating leaving the court. In response to a question from The Associated Press, Stevens confirmed through a court spokeswoman Tuesday that he has hired only one clerk for the term that begins in October 2010. He is among several justices who typically have hired all four clerks for the following year by now.

breastfeeding discrimination

[Recently, an] Isotoner employee was fired for taking unauthorized breaks to pump breast milk. Not only did her employee fire her, but the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the firing. Read more about it here (pdf).

An excerpt, “According to the trial court, “Allen gave birth over five months prior to her termination from [Isotoner]. Pregnant [women] who give birth and chose not to breastfeed or pump their breasts do not continue to lactate for five months. Thus, Allen’s condition of lactating was not a condition relating to pregnancy but rather a condition related to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding discrimination does not constitute gender discrimination.” (echidne)

some quick advice

if, perchance, anyone ever gets a temporary restraining order against you and you appear at the hearing to oppose their request that the order be made permanent, here are some quick tips:

  • do not interrupt the other party’s testimony by jumping out of your chair and yelling “god will punish you for your lies!”
  • do not begin cross examination, your opportunity to ask questions of the other party, with a 3 minute tirade on how false and wrong her testimony was. that’s not a question.
  • do not accuse the judge of participating with the other party in a conspiracy to sell your infant child.
  • when the judge tells you a particular line of testimony regarding property in south africa is not relevant, do not return to it three or four more times.
  • when the judge literally rolls his eyes at you, do not keep making the same point at a higher volume. standing up probably won’t help either.

on the other hand, if you are trying to get a permanent restraining order against someone, hope to god that they do all this at the hearing. the judge would have signed any proposed orders i put in front of him to get that guy out of the courtroom.

joe francis’ new “legal technique”

Q. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
A. I don’t understand what that means…

Q. You don’t understand what being a convicted felon is?
A. No. Can you explain it to me?
Q. Did you serve any time in jail?
A. What do you mean “serve”?…

Q. Do you know what a prisoner is?
A. No.
Q. Do you know what a cellmate is in jail?
A. No.
Q. Do you know what a jail is?
A. Sort of.

douche. (boing)