***URGENT*** ICE (Immigration) Checkpoint at Union Station (Los Angeles Metro station) RIGHT NOW!!! KPFK radio confirmed. Broadcast to your networks. ***REPOST***

UPDATE on this: this checkpoint was yesterday and appears to be over today (saturday). from the LA weekly:

Jorge Mario Cabrera, of CHIRLA, says he has confirmed with witnesses that the checkpoint was actually not run by ICE, but a different law-enforcement agency — wearing black, with dogs in tow — checking IDs and/or tickets after the LAX scare yesterday.  Cabrera says it’s great that KPFK radio “now has an open line that folks can call and report this type of thing” — but it will need some honing. Indeed: Today was a lesson in how fast these things can blow up. Cabrera says this “could have been a trial, or an actual operation — a sweep or something.” We’re still trying to figure out which agency was at the station.

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