"Oh blah blah, empathy this, other people that. Blah blah, don’t be selfish. Let people “do their own thing.” You know what? If you’re following this long-term advice of mine, you’re probably getting stepped on. You’re probably getting paid less than other people in your field, or getting the short end of the stick in some other way. Or there’s a cat pooping inside your house right now. While your loser boyfriend is standing there just watching it. Go on, be a beast! Who’s going to think about you except for you? Instead of thinking about other people, why not roll up into work or the unemployment line or the Internet in general today and stab whoever’s trying to ruin you until they bleed to death? Someone has to do it. Why not make it you? You’ll feel much better. This gets easier the more you do it. Grab onto yourself with both hands and hug yourself until you feel like a gleaming Angel of Death and then go out and execute! (Not literally. Going to jail is also really terrible.) But you know, “virtually” execute. Everyone’s friend is everyone’s fool. Who’s going to think about you, if your job and your cat and your boyfriend won’t?"

— choire in today’s awl newsletter. words to live by.