think on this.

Apr 08

it’s weird that googling “fun odds problems” isn’t coming up with anything.

i just realized i have to teach odds ratios tomorrow and i can understand an odds ratio while i’m thinking about it or while i’m reading about it or while someone is explaining it to me and then it flies right out of my head again. i hope this is not a big ol mess.

A Village Invents a Language All Its Own - -

Carmel O’Shannessy, a linguist at the University of Michigan, has been studying the young people’s speech for more than a decade and has concluded that they speak neither a dialect nor the mixture of languages called a creole, but a new language with unique grammatical rules. The language, called Warlpiri rampaku, or Light Warlpiri, is spoken only by people under 35 in Lajamanu, an isolated village of about 700 people in Australia’s Northern Territory. In all, about 350 people speak the language as their native tongue. Dr. O’Shannessy has published several studies of Light Warlpiri, the most recent in the June issue of Language. “Many of the first speakers of this language are still alive,” said Mary Laughren, a research fellow in linguistics at the University of Queensland in Australia, who was not involved in the studies. One reason Dr. O’Shannessy’s research is so significant, she said, “is that she has been able to record and document a ‘new’ language in the very early period of its existence.”

Apr 07

live your best life


always decide to try and figure out your taxes at 10:30pm on a weeknight

never go to grad school

watch every bravo reality show

self care

step 1: large mcdonald’s french fries

step 2: 4 hour nap

Apr 04


This is a difficult post to write -


I’ve recently been let go from my bills-paying day job due to some extremely unexpected organisational restructuring and I’m actively looking for work — so if you know of publications or organisations seeking talented, efficient, super-awesome writers and editors, I would deeply appreciate it if…

I received no emails, good news or otherwise, from the people I was hoping would send good news emails. This means the possibility of good news still exists but that I will have to keep waiting.

I had a meeting with a professor that I was expecting to be a “this is a mess, what are you doing” meeting but turned out to be a “this is a really interesting idea and I really like your thinking, here’s some helpful suggestions for further progress” meeting.

I walked over 4 miles.

I’m going to go eat the largest pile of barbecued meat the world has ever seen.

(via New Orleans by Streetlight)

(via New Orleans by Streetlight)

(via SHAWN HUCKINS - 390D - Flood Cars)

(via SHAWN HUCKINS - 390D - Flood Cars)

(via Waves of Color, $1 | USPS Stamps)

(via Waves of Color, $1 | USPS Stamps)

uh oh have received a string of disaster work emails that are likely to generate more - now cannot pounce on each new email with excited anticipation. INBOX AS MINEFIELD.

(via Charmingly Detailed Illustrations That Are Smaller than a Penny - My Modern Metropolis)

(via Charmingly Detailed Illustrations That Are Smaller than a Penny - My Modern Metropolis)

ugh send me some good news emails, people from whom i’m waiting for emails, or i will literally explode like a yellowstone supervolcano. 

(via Explosions in the Sky — NICK PACIONE)

(via Explosions in the Sky — NICK PACIONE)