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Sep 16

FCKH8 Continues To Be Awful, Demands An Apology & Accuses Colorlines Of Being Homophobic


FCKH8 posted a statement on their blog yesterday in response to the Colorlines article that questioned the motives of their “I’m over racism” t-shirt and viral video. If you’re not caught up, here’s a rundown of how this whole thing started.

The post is of course, predictably defensive, patronizing and awful. There’s really too much to parse, but here are some of my “favorite” highlights. And by favorite, I mean eye-roll inducing. 


"Shame on you…. Colorlines, Race Forward & Aura Bogado. Click-baiting, Race-baiting, Homophobia, Minimizing Ferguson Residents, Trivializing Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts & Distorting Facts to Get Views & Donations."

Uh. What? This is rich, a FOR PROFIT COMPANY is accusing an anti-racism non-profit organization of race baiting for donations?! This from the company that has not once spoken about anti-racism until Ferguson (way genuine!), and their contribution is….t-shirts and a $5 donation. Let’s also not forget their usage of the sassy black woman stereotype to promote marriage equality in addition to really gross memes featuring Native Americans. Way to promote anti-racism folks! 

"We’ve received literally thousands of racist comments, e-mails, phone messages and live-chat notes from racist white people in reaction to these Ferguson kids speaking out. If you like the N-word, you have to read our inbox.”

OMG ya’ll! They stood up for us black folk and now racist people are sending the n-word to their inbox!? This. Is. Unfathomable. I’d bet a day in their inbox is equal to a lifetime of actually being black. Now I feel TERRIBLE. Racism sucks ya’ll. Send those people a t-shirt. Stat!

ps. when dealing with racist hate mail, filters are your friends. I speak from experience ;) 

"With all the hate from racists that has been directed at these kids and at us, one of the most troubling sources has been a blogger named Aura Bogado at Colorlines, a blog put out by an organization you’d expect to be an ally called Race Forward. The blogger continues to fabricate controversy by saying, “, has made a name for itself selling what it calls ‘LGBT Equality Gear.’” We’re not sure if mocking “LGBT Equality Gear” by placing it in quotes as if it is not real and legitimate is simply old-fashioned underhanded homophobia and trivialization but it looks like it.”

In case you’re unclear, critique from the community you claim to support is on the same level as ACTUAL HATE SPEECH from racists.  And using quotes when….quoting an organization’s slogan is “underhanded homophobia”. (sorry for the quotes, promise I’m not a homophobe) Got it! 

"This video was our collective effort to make a statement out of grief and pain and turn it into something positive, that challenges people to face race and say, like the T-shirt says, “Racism Is Not Over. But I’m Over Racism.” Was the video director a white guy? Yes. He’s directed videos on social issues which have received millions of views and we’d prefer that the video and message from the participating Ferguson families and kids be judged on the content of its character and not the color of the skin of the director who pitched in to help make it.”

"Judged on the content of it’s character and not the color of the skin of the director" (FYI I’m using quotes because I’m quoting FCKH8, not because I’m homophobic)….Why does that sound familiar? Oh! I know! That’s a hat tip to MLK! Totally see what you did there. Love it when people drop the ONE line they know from that ONE MLK speech they know to show how progressive and not racist they are. And don’t worry, I’m not judging the kids who are unnamed or credited in the video, on your website or in the video description box. They’re adorable.

"Perhaps one of the most unsettling parts of this click-baiting blog post beside trivializing Ferguson kids, is the deliberate use of a screen grab of the only white person to appear in the entire video. This image is employed to misrepresent the heartfelt effort of 7 black cast members speaking out, a black producer, a black and Latino co-writer and a black editor. Is this race-baiting for attention? Out of a cast of 8 people, 7 of which are black, this photo seems to have been chosen with the devious intention to race-bait and drum up justified resentment of how many whites treat and marginalize blacks and other POCs, all to gain attention and be sensational. Using race in this way is disingenuous, offensive and reduces the voices of both the local children in front of the camera and the people behind the camera."

Wait. There were black people involved in this project!? Well that changes everything. As we all know, black people are a monolith, so if a few co-sign a project, then we all have to agree with it. Oh, and thanks for throwing in a photo of a black guy holding a sign to support FCKH8’s call for an apology. That really drives the point home. I suggest we talk about this at the next national monthly black people meeting and hug it out. 

If you need more evidence that FCKH8 is awful, this blog details the numerous times they’ve stolen content from LGBT artists, promoted stereotypes, been transphobic in addition to being racist and speaking down to the very communities they claim to support. Just remember, these are the folks that are demanding an apology.

Should We All Take a Bit of Lithium? - -

Lithium is a naturally occurring element, not a molecule like most medications, and it is present in the United States, depending on the geographic area, at concentrations that can range widely, from undetectable to around .170 milligrams per liter. This amount is less than a thousandth of the minimum daily dose given for bipolar disorders and for depression that doesn’t respond to antidepressants. Although it seems strange that the microscopic amounts of lithium found in groundwater could have any substantial medical impact, the more scientists look for such effects, the more they seem to discover. Evidence is slowly accumulating that relatively tiny doses of lithium can have beneficial effects. They appear to decrease suicide rates significantly and may even promote brain health and improve mood.

Sep 15

i had a long and stupid day so i wanted to make myself a treat for dinner, so i made potato hash with the CSA potatoes and i got some chicken sausage to add as a super special treat - and the sausage was spiced, or something, and the whole dinner tasted like a pumpkin spice latte and i am sad and angry.

Reblog if you are female and play D&D/Pathfinder/Table Top Games


I want to see how many of you are out there and to show there are more of us than people think.

my current D&D character is based on beyonce. i have a song spell called XO.

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we are talking about assessments today and people keep talking about the NWEA assessment, but they say it really fast, so it always sounds like the NWA assessment, and i cannot stop giggling. what would an NWA assessment look like? is it an assessment of NWA knowledge, or similarity to NWA, or … ?

i am at a major metro chamber of commerce and i just heard the most sterile conversation in the elevator. these people chatted for 3 minutes without exchanging any information or personal details. what was scarier - they did not use a single contraction. i think they were probably robots.

Sep 14

i overcame my afternoon malaise and went to the gym - which involved not only going to the gym but obtaining a gym membership - and then to the grocery store and now i am going to make salsa and do my nails so basically where is my ticker tape parade.

not unrelated

why do you need a new power cord for your ipad? what happened to the old one?

well it appears that my cat threw up a hairball on it, some weeks or months ago, and i ignored it entirely, and now i have attempted to clean it off, which was gross, but the metal is completely corroded and it no longer functions at all.

i did laundry like two days ago and it has been sitting, clean, in the hamper waiting to be put away since then. i keep putting it off on the principle of “UGH THAT WILL TAKE FOREVER WHAT A PAIN” and keep digging through it to find things and generally creating a mess and hassle for myself.

i finally had a stern talk with myself and forced myself to actually put the clothes away where they live in the closet. 

it took 8 minutes. 

Sunday brunch

Sunday brunch

Sep 13

i was talking to C while he is in quito - skype is the greatest - and we were reminiscing about the time he came to pick me up at the airport, during the time we were long distance, and it was near valentine’s day and he brought me an absolutely gigantic stuffed teddy bear, like this thing must be 4 feet tall and is exuberantly puffy. and i did not care for it, because giant teddy bears are not my thing and extravagant public displays of affection are not my thing.

so i was joking that i would bring the giant bear with me when i pick him up at the airport from south america next week, but then i went to look at it, and i thought about walking through the airport while carrying it, and nope. i just can’t do it.

what i had forgotten, and C reminded me of, is that when i came up the escalators in the terminal and saw him there with the bear, i started to roll my eyes, and then, C says, i pretended not to see him and walked the other way. he had to chase me with the bear.


Tumbled pyrite

Tumbled pyrite

nothing like a giant moral dilemma to make saturday morning less pleasant.

Sep 12

Friday dinner with the fam

Friday dinner with the fam