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"bilingual" and "ESL" are not the same as "spanish-speaker." there are a whole lot of students in the US for whom english is not their first language and their first/home language is something other than spanish. we can’t pretend that having spanish-speaking teachers in every classroom means there will be no more language problems. we also can’t pretend that translating materials and curriculums into spanish means that there will be no more language problems. bilingual is a lot broader than spanish-speaking.

"Our entire lives, when you think about it, are built around rewards — the pursuit of money, fun, love, and tacos."

The Atlantic 

a friend emailed this to me with the comment “You could probably replace “money” with “justice” or something, but otherwise, I think The Atlantic is channeling you.” YUP.

(Source: The Atlantic)

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday voted, 6-2, to uphold Michigan’s ban on state affirmative action programs, finding that the court has no authority to set aside the measure approved by voters.
Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the main opinion for a fractured court. In announcing the ruling, Kennedy said the decision is “not about the constitutionality or merits” of affirmative action generally. Read the court’s opinion here (PDF).
Justice Sonia Sotomayor read from her dissent, which was joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In her 58-page dissent, Sotomayor said the court “eviscerates” a key equal-protection guarantee that government should not make it harder for minorities to participate in self-government. Justice Elena Kagan recused in the case, probably because she was involved in the litigation at earlier stages as solicitor general at the U.S. Department of Justice.
“I cannot ignore the unfortunate outcome of today’s decision: Short of amending the state constitution, a Herculean task, racial minorities in Michigan are deprived of even an opportunity to convince Michigan’s public colleges and universities to consider race in their admissions plans when other attempts to achieve racial diversity are unnecessarily hobbled in their pursuit of a diverse student body,” Sotomayor wrote in dissent.

If your main reason for talking is to socialize, you’ll want to talk about whatever everyone else is talking about. Like say the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. But if instead your purpose is to gain and spread useful insight, so that we can all understand more about things that matter, you’ll want to look for relatively neglected topics. You’ll seek topics that are important and yet little discussed, where more discussion seems likely to result in progress, and where you and your fellow discussants have a comparative advantage of expertise. You can use this clue to help infer the conversation motives of the people you talk with, and of yourself. I expect you’ll find that almost everyone mainly cares more about talking to socialize, relative to gaining insight.


Also this is probably the most amazing shit of all time. The details and the fucking precision is unreal. If these people aren’t the most successful people ever, then everything is wrong.

times i gasped out loud: at least 4.

times i yelled “that is so fucking trippy!”: just one, but WOAH.


A look at Eddie Soloway’s painterly photographs of beaches at twilight:
Above: “Renegade.”


A look at Eddie Soloway’s painterly photographs of beaches at twilight:

Above: “Renegade.”


i really need a large body of water to get my head right. a reservoir i can see to the other side of simply will not do. i need an ocean or a great lake for this magnitude of brain problems.

new easter shoes. 

new easter shoes. 


Fortune cookie
"they aren’t smoking pot on campus in North Korea today, either."

— a CU student reacting to the closure of campus today to prevent a massive 4/20 celebration. 

first day in over a week (since i got that blister on the sole of my foot) that i’ve been able to do my usual walking. saw lots of easter sunshine and easter flowers and easter kids wearing bunny ears and easter ladies wearing easter dresses. very satisfying.

you guys let’s all find bear cubs and hug them!

today i went with friends to see a whole bunch of lions (who roared!) and tigers (who lolled like cats) and bears (who were either fuzzy things i wanted to hug and give honey - black bears - or terrifying wrestling creatures of pure muscle - grizzlies) - and also wolves and panthers and mountain lions and bobcats and foxes and …

then we ate super yummy mexican food - shrimp tacos, yay - and now i am at home making a batch of granola while it rains outside. cozy cinnamon smells while i watch burn notice episodes.


[Image: A series of adorable cats and beautiful cherry/plum blossoms.]


Cats with blossoms.

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Stevie Wonder - As Live In The Studio 1976 

they played this in the coffee shop and it made me feel like anything was possible.